Brabantia bread bin
It’s happened to all of us: before you can eat up your delicious loaf of bread, it has already gone stale. To prevent food waste, a bread bin is a real must-have in every kitchen. Brabantia bread bins are perfect for storing bread, rolls, and other baked goods. Our bread bins combine functionality and design in a unique way. While conventional bread bins are just another item taking up space in your kitchen, Brabantia bread bins add a touch of style and design. Brabantia offers various different bread bin models, such as roll-top bread bins, fall-front bread bins, and lift-top bread bins. The roll-top bread bin is most closely based on the classic bread bin design, but – thanks to its flat top – it also offers a practical storage surface. A range of cheerful colours makes this roll-top bread bin an eye-catcher in every kitchen. The fall-front bread bin features a practical front flap with a magnetic seal, ensuring that your food stays fresh for longer. Our newest model, the Nic lift-top bread bin, is a true all-rounder thanks to its innovative design! The practical handle can be used to cary the bread bin from your kitchen counter directly to your table at meal times. The lid of the bread bin can also be used as a serving board. What are you waiting for? Ready, set, breakfast!

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