Measuring & timing tools

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Brabantia measuring & timing tools
Looking for practical products for the kitchen? For you as (an amateur) chef, these are ideal to have! Sometimes you have to weigh things, then a kitchen scale is indispensable. Brabantia has different kitchen scales, making weighing super simple. With the digital display, for example. Are you working more with fruits? Then a measuring cup or press is perfect in the kitchen. And maybe with a bowl to know exactly how much you squeeze! Once you start cooking, you don’t want to leave it for too long, or maybe not long enough. This requires a kitchen timer, a must-have in the kitchen. So you no longer have to worry about dropping your smartphone in the soup, with a kitchen timer, you no longer need it when cooking! Brabantia’s egg timers are easy to use and install. Which product is indispensable for you in the kitchen?

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