Dish drying rack & mat

Easy drying with a Brabantia draining rack and draining mat

When you leave the dishes to dry on a draining rack, there is nothing more annoying than dishes tumbling down, and water running all over the counter! The Brabantia draining rack includes a drip tray that ensures the water drains directly into the sink. No more messing around with a wet countertop or a tray full of water! The dishes remain firmly in place, and the removable cutlery tray is extra handy, making it easy to put the cutlery away when dry. Do you just want to do a few dishes, or are there just the two of you? Instead of a soaking wet tea towel, or a dishcloth that’s too small, just place the wet dishes on a silicone or microfiber draining mat! No slippery plates and glasses, everything stays in place, and your kitchen sink stays dry.

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