Microfibre dishcloths

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For cleaning wipes that don’t leave streaks or fluff, go for the microfibre wipe!

There is a big difference in the quality of microfibre wipes. At Brabantia, we know just how annoying it can be when you finished cleaning and have to do it all again because there are stripes and fluff left everywhere. With us you will therefore find cleaning wipes that won’t leave you worrying about extra work! Because of the microfibre wipe’s great absorbency, you can easily dry your kitchen sink with it, but also the table if a cup has fallen over it. The cleaning wipes do not diminish in quality once they have been washed. The microfibre wipes are available in different colours, including a dark shade of grey, which shows fewer spots. The foam wipes are also great to use, making it easy to wash dishes and to clean your hob without leaving scratches or streaks!

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